Anniesa Hasibaun- NYFW

Anniesa Hasibaun- NYFW

“Anniesa Hasibaun”- NYFW Press Gathering

Anniesa Hasibaun is a young talented designer making strides in the international fashion world. And, Hasibaun is not treading lightly, no, she’s stomping unapologetically onto the scene, with some unbelievably elegant dresses. Hailing from Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, Hasibaun’s entrepreneurial spirit has led her around the world with her designs, making this her second year at NYFW.

The collection, appropriately named Pearl Asia, was inspired by the Indonesian island, Lombok. I myself didn’t know that Lombok is the world’s largest producer of pearls, and Hasibaun’s collection has no shortage of.

Two words to describe the collection- think ‘regal enchantment.’ At first sight it’s easy to see regal. It was like walking into a room full of Southeast-asian royalty. And, these are the beautiful princesses, that we don’t normally see in Disney movies. The ones that also deserve crowns and rose petals at their feet; even if we aren’t accustom to their beautifully rich skin tone and distinct cultural traditions.

Now, the enchantment of the collection is multifaceted, it requires a deeper dive into the layered nuances of the collection.

The most obvious enchanting feature of each dress is its detail. Everything from the intricately bejeweled bodice, to the exquisitely embroidered train. However, once you begin peeling back the layers of Hasibaun’s magical artistry you’re met with jewels, layered in pearls, layered over the most alluring fabric.

Each piece is absolutely spellbinding.

The other feature that is rather enchanting is the fact that this is Muslim fashion. The collection definitely stands out for the bold statement it makes about culture and religion meeting fashion. Especially as an outsider, looking in. Hasibaun has definitely made a big mark on an entire realm of fashion that is very rarely explored, and even less publicized.

One dress takes approximately 3 months to make.

I must say, I’m very excited to be a part of the ever-growing cultural art and fashion movement.

I’m amazed, I’m enchanted, and I love this designer.


Click here for more information on Anniesa Hasibaun and her “Pearl Asia Collection”



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